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The 2-handed game of SIAMESE MAH JONGG® was created in April 2015, by Gladys Grad, followed quickly by the 3 & 4 handed ROYALE SIAMESE MAH JONGG® version; and then IMPERIAL SIAMESE MAH JONGG with more players or more racks.

Gladys is well-known in the U.S. Mah Jongg world as the "foremost authority of American-Style Tournament Mah Jongg .

Mah Jongg Madness® and Gladys as the owner and tournament Director for several large-scale tournaments throughout the Country, also formulated and standardized the Rules for National Mah Jongg Tournaments®.

For information about Standardized Mah Jongg Tournament Rules, Mah Jongg Madness® Tournament events, Mah Jongg Master Points® Siamese Mah Jongg® and Royale Siamese Mah Jongg® tournaments, tournament score sheets and more . . .



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